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Remote AssistantOffice Manager Solutions:
Remote Technical Assistance

Be an office manager... not a computer scientist!

Let WebForMDs.com manage your technical day-to-day problems. We don't even need to be in your office. Our secure remote office assistance system allows us to troubleshoot many of your tech issues without having to come into your office.

No more computer headaches for office managers:

  • Remote Rescue
    Never let computer issues freeze your practice's business! We can reboot computers, re-sync print servers and perform data rescue operations in case of loss. Safe, secure, and remote!
  • Remote Data Backup
    Never lose patient information again. Our HIPAA compliant data solution allows for remote storage of your patient data. Even if your practice were to suffer a catastrophic loss from a flood or fire, you will always know your patient data is safe and secure.
  • Remote Personal Information Technology
    If your doctors use Smartphones or Blackberry devices to keep up with the practices' operations, WebForMDs.com can ensure that those messaging systems are always on and always working correctly. We can also lend a hand with office computer networking, website load balancing, and PC infrastructure matrix. Technology can help you run your practice with incredible efficiency!

Beyond The Office: HIPAA Services

HIPAA can impact your practice in unforeseen ways. Not even WebForMDs.com can predict the thousands of ways HIPAA will change the health care industry.

If you have needs or problems with HIPAA compliance that you don't see listed on our website, let us know. We are able to create best-of-class custom solutions for your HIPAA compliance needs.

WebForMDs.com is committed to building lasting solutions for HIPAA compliant issues, problems and topics.

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