Hospital System Solutions

Distributed Communication Platform will allow you to keep everyone in your hospital informed via a variety of connected devices.

The pandemic did not stop our clients from voting. Do your voting securely using our Secure Voting System with enabled tokens and keep your voting integrity regardless of how small or large your voting pool is.
  • Distributed Communication Platform
  • Service Line Listserv Solutions
  • Secure Voting Systems
  • SMS and MMS Notification
  • Online Residency Evaluation Systems

Private Practice Solutions

WebForMDs.com provides high tech solutions for a wide range of health care clients. We serve large hospital networks and private practices. Contact us today for a demo and ask about our Office Manager Solutions.
  • Update your website to be html5 compliant
  • Secure your office computers
  • Backup your data remotely to a Level 1 Data Center
  • Become HIPAA complaint and train your office staff

Superior Technical Support

Whether you lost your department secretary or your department administrator needs an extra hand today, you're never without help! We stand by our products and services. We are here to support each and every one of your service line needs.

Every hospital client is allocated a dedicated project manager to guarantee swift and efficient support for your staff. This manager will also oversee the responsiveness and quality of assistance provided by our support teams.
  • Our Mission
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  • More patients for your practice


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