The Complete Patient Signout Solution

The ultimate large health care organizations patient signout solution!

Maximise your organizations signout operations and streamline workflow as much and as often as you want by installing the WebForMDs on-site Multi-Hospital Patient Signout Solution (PSS) Appliance.

On-site PSS Appliance benefits:

  • Own the complete round-trip solution
    By bringing all WebForMDs hardware and software solutions on-site, to your hospitals, you have complete control over the way you run your business!
  • Zero reliance on outside networks
    Remain HIPAA compliant and network self-sufficient by ensuring that all data is communicated inside the walls of your organization. You no longer need to rely on outside communications to operate your hospital.
  • Control costs charges one single up-front setup, training, and hardware fee for the Patient Signout Appliance. After one initial investment, your health care organizatoin only pays for technical support when requested.

Beyond The Office: HIPAA Services

HIPAA can impact your practice in unforseen ways. Not even can predict the thousands of ways HIPAA will change the health care industry.

If you have needs or problems with HIPAA compliance that you don't see listed on our website, let us know. We are able to create best-of-class custom solutions for your HIPAA compliance needs. is committed to building lasting solutions for HIPAA compliant issues, problems and topics.

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Many other technology consulting companies provide perfectly fine solutions to general technology challenges. knows and understands that the health care industry has specific needs, challenges and requirements that other industries simply do not have to adhere to. has been working with health care industry professionals since 1999. We have been listening to your needs and have been providing best-of-class solutions tailored specifically for health care.